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    - where are they now
    - it's apparently rlly exciting
    - SO CUTE
    - ahahaha dex failure
    - satoshi dont scare it omg
    - whoaaaaa power!!
    - PANSY
    - U CUTE
    - GOGOAT
    - satoshi so confused ahaha
    - ah!
    - nice equipment
    - i really like her
    - oh the book is in english!
    - weird
    - oh this is cute
    - the bgm aaaaaa
    - ooooh a local tournament :D
    - ugh no not miju
    - yay chaoboo!
    - cause charizard would just be cheating
    - hmmmmmm
    - well i mean good luck yana
    - omg rocket cuties
    - oh man good luck meowth ahahaha
    - oop
    - a rival
    - she panics just like we all do when her electronics start dying haha
    - im amazed her hair never gets in the way of the camera
    - oh i thought that golem looked weird and then i realized why ahahaha
    - that was quick hahaha
    - hand in the crotch always works
    - ??????
    - oh ring out
    - aww yana bby
    - nice catch dent
    - chaobuu doing better thank goodness
    - ooooooo
    - AW YEA
    - satoshi how do you even pick him up
    - what is that
    - aw a friend yay
    - cute cute
    - should i ship it or
    - nah idek his name
    - omg fruit for everyone thats rlly cute

    That was actually a really fun episode! Like they didn't force the Kalos natives into things or made them out to be special, just plopped them in like any other character. And the focus was more on the sumo contest than anything.

    Originally Posted by PersianTrainer View Post
    Watched it last night, and I loved this episode, had its funny moments that I enjoyed. PokeDex not recognizing Helioptile & Gogoat, Ash trying to catch Helioptile. The Sumo Contest was great too.

    Too me Helioptile looked scared through out the episode, I was hoping to see it smile more, or interact with other Pokemon, spent most of the episode in Alexa's hands (at least it did most of the time I saw it). That made me kind of saddened.
    It looks like we'll get happy!Erikiteru next week though! I mean it def had a reason to be scared this ep, what with Satoshi being a dumb and then having to be around him for a long time.

    Originally Posted by Iceman3317 View Post
    I don't know where to watch the Sub, but looking at screenshots, it looks like a good episode. With Ash not traveling with Cilan and Iris in Kalos,at least what we see in the trailer on Pokemon Smash, I hope he travels with Alexa and she would be the "mother" of the group. I also hope he actually travels with a rival.
    THIS WOULD BE COOL YES. I mean I still want Cilan back but if she could stay with Satoshi for a while... I still think she's bringing him there. But she does seem too... adult to stick around for longer than like ten episodes.

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