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Sovereign grabbed the wrist of one of the Roserade. "Don't let her die," he said dryly. He then allowed them to take her. He gazed at the fissure. Had he really caused so much destruction? All for what, the will of Auron? Fire crackled, painting the still dark sky an ugly red.

"Yeah I suppose your right," Sovereign chuckled at Hanzo's remark. A lot had just happened in a very short time span. His mind was so clear for the first in a long time. "I'll try not to get myself killed just yet." Sovereign wondered just how much destruction this war would cause. More troubling was the darkness he felt during the battle. He had felt similar power on numerous occasions with the other Sentinels. A darkness so black that is almost consumed him. "You can talk to the Gold tribe with your mind, can't you? Hook me up to it. I have a message for them."