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    Originally Posted by joeyhugg View Post
    Well, I just finished the demo and it was amazing! Reminded me of the good 'ol Phoenix Wright days. A bug, the protagonist wasn't facing Anne when she was testifying. Also, I would like to have more info on the evidence. And the character moves waaaaaaaaaaaaay to slow. Otherwise, it was awesome! Keep it up!
    Thanks so much for playing my demo! I'm really glad you like it. The next adaption will be much bigger so I'll make sure to let you look through all the details on the evidence. Sorry about the character speed! First off could you try playing the game without anything else open that uses Shockwave Player(FaceBook and Youtube). See if that makes the character move faster? Or is the game running at a fine speed, but the character himself is still just too slow?

    Here's a little secret. You can run holding down the 'A' button. I didn't display this in the normal controls cus it's still something I'm testing and causes a couple bugs. The Anne facing bug though should be an easy fix. Can't believe I forgot to change her direction under that situation. Thanks for pointing it out!

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