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Cape City

As Zane watched, the Ancients had fully retreated from the city. Cape belonged solely to the Alpha Alliance now. It was a comforting site, to see the flags of the Silver Tribe being taken down, and them swiftly being replaced with those of the Alpha Alliance. One more city was taken, the most important one yet, as it placed them within striking distance of the capital of Valkaria: Gold City. By the mere thought of it in his head, Zane recalled the final battle that occurred there.

The Silver Tribe laid siege to Gold City for nearly two months. The combination of the surrounding villages and its geographical location added toward its overall strength. That, and Gold City was the birthplace and official home of the Gold Tribe. Even if it was a surprise attack, nearly half of the entire Gold Tribe was on hand at the city at the time of the attack, Zane included. Rey was there too. He had never seen their leader more determined, more focused. It seemed that he would have done anything to ensure the continuing existence of the Alpha Alliance. He was a charismatic, skilled leader, but even he couldn't prevent the inevitable. It started out going rather well. Each day, a regiment of Ancients would strike, and each day, they would be repelled by the Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance forces. But by a few weeks time, the Sentinels arrived on the battlefield, and the mood altogether switched, as the Gold Tribe began to experience their first deaths among them. They came one at a time, then by pairs, and eventually, as the attacks became more fierce and brutal, dozens of the Gold Tribe fell by the day. In the final defense of the city, when only a handful of the thousand or so Gold Tribe members remained, Rey made the difficult decision to sound the retreat. He remained behind to give Zane, the remainder of the Gold Tribe, and any remaining Alpha Alliance forces a chance to escape. The last Zane saw of the Gold Tribe leader, he was surrounded by Auron and the Sentinels, fighting to his last breath.

The sudden appearance of a Kecleon before him startled him out of his reminiscing. He dropped to a knee and handed him a letter, which Zane took, eyeing the Kecleon suspiciously. Zane opened it, and read it. A call to gather from Penance. Though the battle had only just ended, he understood the importance of the situation they were in. So much had happened on the battlefield itself, and there was probably plenty more that everyone would want to get off their minds, including breaking the news to those who didn't know about the deaths of the Prince of Light and Hoodhide. Zane being already inside the Stoneguard, the city hall of Cape City, need only gather the rest here. He wondered for a moment if any psychic link still existed between that either Penance or TrueStriker established. He decided it was worth a try, trying to connect with the psychic link, and messaging everyone in the Gold Tribe.

Everyone, if you're getting this, let's meet in the Stoneguard, in the main chambers, if you're able. I know it's soon, but there's a lot we need to discuss.

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