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    R/B/Y - Pokemon Trainer battle, Gym leader battle and cave theme.
    G/S/C - Wild Johto Pokemon Battle, Trainer Battle, Johto Gym Leader, Champion Battle, Wild Kanto Pokemon Battle, Kanto Trainer Battle, and Gym Leader battle theme.
    R/S/E - Gym Leader battle, Mt. Pyre, Elite 4 battle and lots of other themes (I love the music from R/S/E)
    Fr/Lg - Pretty much the same from R/B/Y, this time including the champion theme
    D/P/Pl - Gym Leader battle and Champion battle theme (I don't remember too much of the music from these games)
    Hg/Ss - Pretty much the same from G/S/C, this time including the theme from Goldenrod, Ecruteak and the cave theme
    B/W - Trainer battle, Gym Leader battle, Dragonspiral Tower, Elite 4 battle and Champion battle theme. I love B/W music as much as R/S/E, so there are others too I love.
    B2/W2 - Pretty much the same as B/W, this time including the new Rival battle and the new champion battle theme as well as the other themes in these games that are just remixes from other games (I love this soundtrack too!).

    In case you couldn't tell, my favorite Pokemon music comes from Generation 3 and Generation 5.
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