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Part Twenty-Four: Doctor's Orders
Or encountering the first really over-levelled boss.


Who leaves guns lying around in their lab anyway? I mean, really. I guess they don't have any safety regulations around here.


No, and I'm glad for it.

I won't question your judgement on this, SIGERA.

I'll deal with you later.

I wonder if he shouts this at the wild monsters too. Or are they his friends?

BUBARIA are nothing much to talk about, really. They have some bulk, but...

Nothing Not-Sandslash can't handle.

No, BUBARIA, those are cobras.

You are a crab.

That face isn't even intimidating.

Well put, good sir.

Hopping down the staircase things! And that's all they're good for. Like one-way ledges, I suppose.

A-gun, or just a gun? You decide.

Oh my, sorry, uh

You might want to clean that up.

Now now, don't go blaming me. There wasn't a door and this isn't a bathroom!


What are you doing here? Hiding from the guy above?

I don't know, would he?

Gosh, sorry.

The R is for ridiculous.

Another puzzle!

Gee, I wonder.

Right, got rid of him and now we're placing the last crate...

Gosh, that's rude of you, Not-Sandslash! :o

The trickiest of puzzles. The random jar is there to add to the sheer madness of it all.


I think we have a disgruntled employee here.

I'm sensing a recurring theme here.

Oh, something that's not a gun! Although one can't be too sure about these things.

And after that detour, we're back on track. The statues help!


Guess someone has to file the paperwork.


Nay. >:[

The puzzles are still dead easy.

Oh yeah, I remember you from the start of this update. How sneaky.


There's no kill quite like overkill. ~

Yay again!

Nay again!

Let's try down first.

Aha, more... 'treasure'.

Good guess.

Really, this is the highlight of that battle.

What guns will we get this time!?

Just a regular gun? Oh.

That doesn't have Gun in the name!

Oi! Where are my [Letter]-guns?

Oh good, I'm going there right now.

Yes, this must be the place. More statues than usual.

Almost as cool as using the force. Let's go, Bek.


We came all this way to find an empty room save for more statues?

Not even a lab table or something.


Oh, there you are. Couldn't see you under all those text boxes. You know how it is.

The moment of truth-wait, we already know the answer.

That's not very funny.

Sounds simple enough when you say it like that.



AAAAAA where did it come from

No. >:[

There are two things to take notice of here. The first is that we're fighting an oversized pink elephant-octopus thing.

The second is that it's level 50, a good 11 levels over our already over-levelled Not-Sandslash!

Pistol and Horn luckily are not great attacks, although G-SEA is pretty cool looking for the charge-up attack. But that level difference can be a big challenge.

Luckily we have two type advantages. :V

Let's do this.

This is why BANDA is useful here. That's still a decent chunk of HP though.

This however is fantastic. =D

It's pretty fast for an e-monster given the level difference, so one must be careful. That's where killer pony comes in.

Ah, one of my favourite status effects to use.

Yes, we can see.

This battle is going very well, but it helps that I know how to play the game and actually stuck with the starter who has a type advantage here. I suspect the next area's boss will be decent too.

That was quick.



Jump all you like, you lost!

Sorry to disappoint you there.

Yeah, like Not-Sandslash, I suppose! And it's not okay if they are Jabba the Hutt!


Oh yeah, you're still there. Funny, that, usually defeated e-monsters disappear.

Bek just stands around like a douche who just broke into someone's lab, took all the guns inside and beat up a giant elephant sea monster.

He was your friend in the first place?

Will the thing forgive the doctor!?

Meanwhile Sungki decides to interrupt this moving moment.

Can't touch this ~

So casual there, Bek.


I think we know Bek is going to say yes though.

Gotta go fast.

Which key? The one we already used?

Then the doctor speaks.


Where did that name come from?

No seriously, game, why does he have a name now?


Oh well let's see if anybody noticed.

No TV moment for you!

These people really wanted to be on TV, didn't they?

And then BANDA bothers to get an increase in speed. Bit late there, monkey.

I'm wondering what the doctor did exactly to his supposed friend, and why we just let him off the hook there and why we only now know his name.


'He has the cleanliness' is one of my favourite quotes now. And no, OSIE, we're not giving you any of our guns.

You're welcome, I suppose.

Oh, is this how we're going to get to the next antenna tree?

Time for an acid trip again.

How does this even work!?

Oh well, we're here now. I suppose we'll explore this village in the next update.