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Imogen Green - Atlantean Unification Project HQ, Toulouse, France

9th November, 2012
So, yesterday had been a disaster, basically. Imogen and Will had been teamed up with the 'fun team' or Mr. Emilio 'Let's save the people!' Bernot, his dull son and William, probably the worst recruit who Imogen had the displeasure of inducting. William's training had been so far hopeless, and the boy couldn't even fly yet. It frustrated her, but she put on her game face and smiled, telling him what a great job he had done and how far he had gotten.

Honestly, she just wanted to punch him in the face and tell him to grow up. Why wasn't that an option? Why was he her responsibility now?

Today though, was probably worse.

Imogen had not bothered herself with worrying about Paris, she let the more 'responsible' higher-ups figure that out. She had gone straight to bed last night instead of helping Annie figure out what exactly had gone on, like everybody else had.

This morning delivered to her an onslaught of bad news and flustered members. Though people asked for her help, Imogen did what any good leader did; told them to calm down, it wasn't their fault and that it would all be ok (and then proceeded to do nothing to help with the matter herself). She was far too busy to try and sort out the world and its 'panic' problems. She had far better things to do like...

Oh, what was this?

Imogen pushed the door open to training room 1D. It looked used, yes, but the nice indents in the floors told her who had probably been down here. Ms. Attitude, probably, venting or something. If there was one thing that Imogen was interested in, it was the band members and the guy shooting the meteorites. The rest of Paris could go get stuffed. But, thanks to Annie's 'eye in the sky', every higher-up and their dog knew who killed the drummer.

Ms. Mayor, huh? She was strong, independent, head-strong. A bit of a stiff and probably reckless, but she might be... useful, perhaps. If the girl liked to bend Emil's rules, how close could she bend them until they snapped in half?

"Hey, Del, what's shaking?" Imogen appeared at Delta's door, using the girl's preferred name. It wasn't hard to find her room. At least she wasn't eating in the cafeteria. It would have taken at least 5 minutes to find the poor girl. Imogen quickly glanced at the articles on the bed. So, Delta had been researching too? "Yesterday was pretty crazy, right?"
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