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    I've talked about doing magical things like redoing BSTs, rewrites of move pools, and even new moves. Well, I want to show some of those things that are doing into the Mount Moon/Sable City Demo.

    Below is the second revision of the BSTs and movepools of the starters. I say second, because well it's the second version but also because I'm pondering on decoupling Speed from the BST system and leaving it as a metagame "who generally goes first" stat. That would leave the remaining totals + some compensation for the speed loss to play with entirely new BST ranges and making every BST point deal with some direct way in HP making comparisons simpler.

    Oh, it's HP/ATK/DEF/SpA/SDef/SPD

    Poor Squirtile is "just a tank" but with the counter moves, several moves with side effects to lower your spd/atk/acc or PZ you and the utility of Yawn/Fake Tears/Rapid Spin it'll never be unwanted.

    Charmander is pretty much straight Mixed offense. Early rage gives you a chance to do something aside from just straight attacking with him by taking calculated hits. Fire Spin locking in lets you switch without worrying about the AI switching out.

    Bulbasaur is the least changed, aside from being slower. This loss of speed has gained him bulkiness he'll abuse well with his variety of absorbing moves, poison laced attacks, and ok special attack and good physical attack to use with Growth.

    To round this off, let me revel their (rough)unique abilities: Bulbasaur's lets him heal a bit from the enemie's poison damage, Squirtle's reduces the Maximum damage of attacks that hit him by ~10%(so say a move can do 30% Max HP damage to him and Squirtle rolls the max damage reduction. The Attack does 27% Max HP damage.) and Charmander's will most likely raise the damage on the next attack he does of the same category that hit him last by ~5%(so Someone Tackles Charmander, his next physical attack will deal 5% more damage).

    Thank you for reading, comments are more then welcome.

    BSTs currently

    Currently changed/added moves
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