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    Originally Posted by brand1997 View Post
    Can you make me a save file for the E version of fire red please?
    Name: Brand (boy)
    Pokemon Bulbasaur lvl 11 (male), pidgy lvl 10 ( female), spearow lvl 10 ( male), mankey lvl 9 ( male), pikachu lvl 11 (male), ratata lvl 9 ( female) and in the pc box a metapod evolved from a caterpie so it should have the caterpies moves lvl 8 ( female)

    Location: outside brocks gym I have beat the train but not brock

    I had 5000 cash, and 20 normal pokeballs, 30 potions, 10 paralyz heals and poison heals

    Reason, I saved it there but for some reaon I had to start a new game.... thank you...

    here's your file.I skipped some trainers and items in viridian forest and also didn't fight the boy in gym.
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