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    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
    Chapter 3: Let's play!
    Classroom 13

    As Nami continued to hold the lifeless body of Takumi, they got blown away by one of Solo's attacks. Nami tried to stumble back to her place next to takumi but noticed his chest moving. He was breathing! Nami couldn't believe her eyes and smiled on the inside, a smile that wasn't shown on the outside because her face was frozen solid. Even though her face wouldn't show any emotion, just by how she stopped moving to watch Takumi breath was enough to make it obvious that she was happy and suprised on the same time. This meant that her plan had worked but this also meant that if she continued injecting him with blood, he would turn into a Ghoul.

    Frio tried to move his body next to Takumi's and made a small sword made out of ice. Nami glanced at him and waited for him to explain why he did that. Frio, however, kept his mouth shut. Nami easely found out that Frio wanted them to cut that collar or kill him if that didn't work. Nami wasn't too fond of the idea of killing him and hoped that they were able to cut off that collar.

    Before Nami could reach out her hand to get the icy sword, Takumi took it and stood up. His hair had turned silver and his eyes were crimson just like Nami's were in her Vampire form. Nami blushed from his appearence but was happy that he showed more signs of life. Takumi dashed towards Solo and punched him with the same strength as a Vampire has. Nami stood up as well and released her Vampire power as well. Her appearence started to change to one of a Vampire and was ready to finish this.

    The Yandere Mermaid

    Divine felt something thrusting in her arms as she dashed towards one of the students. Some guy had shot an arrow in her arm. She turned around to glare at that certain guy and swinged her arm to control water and make that certain guy dripping wet. She didn't intend to hurt those students... much, but they had made her quite angry now. "Just bring Ryuu here! Dammit!" The angry mermaid made her way towards the boy who shot that arrow in her arm and slashed with her water claws.

    Suddenly another guy came into the picture, the one that had left not long ago. He made quite and appearence. "Impressive set of claws you have. Lets see how well yours stack up to mine!" With these words he transformed into a Neko and made Divine chuckle. "A Neko... really? I thought you guys," Divine spreaded her arms and quickly pushed them in front of her to steal some more water from plants around her and made the Neko wet as well. "Were afraid of water?" She started laughing again and punched the Neko boy in his belly.

    Yet another boy appeared and ran into her. Both of them dropped on the ground with the boy on top of her. "Get off you pervert! Only Ryuu-sama is allowed to do that!" She shouted. As the boy was not giving any signs of consciousness, she just pushed him off her. "I said to get offf!!!" She shouted at the boy who appearently was a Youko.


    Solo watched as the boy that was supposed to be death, stood up and dashed towards him with a creation made by Frio in his hand. It was obvious to him that his Vampire classmate had injected Takumi with her blood. Solo kept on wondering why his body was doing things that he didn't want to and tried to fight against it. "Please understand me! Help me!" He thought, but he wasn't able to spit out those words. It became clear to him that collar was to blame for this. His entire body was being controlled.

    Takumi punched him right on his cheek and made him blow away to the other side of the battle field. Takumi had probably taken over part of Nami's power, which meant that he should try to avoid the punches and kicks of those two. From afar he could see that his female classmate was transforming as well. Solo stood up and dashed towards Takumi to punch him back with a fist that was extra powerful thanks to his telekinesis powers. He hit Takumi on the same cheek where Takumi had hit him just a while ago.

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