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Originally Posted by dudebot View Post
Likely not to join (never rule anything out, but I am leading my own), but I have to say, I like the summary of the storyline. It's very flexible and has room for improvement. It's poignant and logical and the evil organization seems to be portrayed rather nicely. Even if they are named after my main character's default name, lol.

I'm onboard with this hack, so count me among your supporters. Plus, in my free time, I'll look to volunteer some sprite work.
Thank you dudebot, I appreciate you commenting on my storyline and willing to help on your free time. Earlier today I took a look on your thread and found it very interesting too(I was also surprised to see the name Chrome, lol) I hope your hack also becomes reality, and if you need any help on it, count me in too!! Although all I could help you with is either Beta testing or storyline... But I'm able to help!!

Oh and: Should I include you in the members list on the team or will you be a temporary helper?

STILL NEED MORE PEOPLE!! Try to find people to join!!