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    Originally Posted by HaiImNate View Post
    I personally like the idea of sky battles, I'm surprised this wasn't implemented in earlier games. I think that it will be unique to see how Pokemon will battle in the air. I'm curious about these.
    They battle as if they do on the ground, its pretty much the same animations from what was seen. Only issue is you can only use "some" Flying types and Levitators.

    Still using "some" because that word was used at E3 meaning that not all were planned for the Sky Battle. Other than that there doesn't seem to be any other changes to battle format other than limiting the roster you can use and maybe some of the moves.

    Originally Posted by Nite Ace View Post
    My big hope is that they make it a tier itself and perhaps ban entry hazards from it. It would make sense if entry hazards aren't usable in the 1st place cause your above the ground so there's no base for stealth rocks or spikes. As a competitive battler and Flying being my favorite type I'm excited for this new feature. Hope it wont be a train wreck and will provide a healthy fun experience.
    Stealth rock would actually be the only exception...they are floating rocks that dig into the opponent switching in. Spikes and Toxic Spikes I do agree, but Stealth Rock would still be able to be used based on its description alone.

    The user lays a trap of levitating stones around the opponent's team. The trap hurts opponents that switch into battle.
    Here's a bonus to ease some of your worries though, the only Flying/Levitating Pokemon capable of using Stealth Rock are:

    Skarmory5th Gen MT/Breeding, Aerodactyl5th Gen MT, GligarGen 4 TM/5th Gen MT,LunatoneGen 4 TM/5th Gen MT, Solrock/5th Gen MTGen 4 TM, BaltoyGen 4 TM/5th Gen MT, ClaydolGen 4 TM/5th Gen MT, BronzorGen 4 TM/5th Gen MT, BronzongGen 4 TM/5th Gen MT, GliscorGen 4 TM/5th Gen MT,Archen5th Gen MT, Archeops5th Gen MT, and Landorus5th Gen MT.

    Most of these have other threats to worry about and I don't see them focusing as Stealth Rock users. Depending on backwards compatibility this list may not even be accurate.
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