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    One day while playing around and drawing stuff in my sketchpad, I'd finished drawing a cute little doodle of Riolu and Lucario, two Pokémon I quite admire. After writing their names beside each other, I noticed that they could fit together quite well, hence Riolucario.

    Later, I enrolled on one of my favorite communities by the name of Pokestadium, and I chose that name, contrary to my previous idea of GhostlyGiggles11 (MLP reference). I added the one-one (I say one-one instead of eleven), due to a mix of not wanting someone else to have taken my username and also because the one-one reminded me of the infamous Hitachiin Twins at the same time ^w^

    And so, Riolucario11 was born. But Rio is a lot easier, eh?

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