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    Originally Posted by sCr45h View Post
    Thank you dudebot, I appreciate you commenting on my storyline and willing to help on your free time. Earlier today I took a look on your thread and found it very interesting too(I was also surprised to see the name Chrome, lol) I hope your hack also becomes reality, and if you need any help on it, count me in too!! Although all I could help you with is either Beta testing or storyline... But I'm able to help!!

    Oh and: Should I include you in the members list on the team or will you be a temporary helper?

    STILL NEED MORE PEOPLE!! Try to find people to join!!
    Nah, no need to add me to the list of credits. Especially since I probably won't have that much free time, lol.

    However, if I can give a word of advice (not being too teachy, I've only been at this hacking thing for a few months myself), give it time and stick with it. I ended up trying to learn every useful hacking skill for my own creation. In the end, I found it better to work with a team (awesome team at that; they're pretty fun to work with), but I ended up gaining a lot of skills in the process of working alone and sharpened some skills working with the team. So, it can really only go up from here if you're dedicated.

    Plus, I really want to see this on ROM. The more interactive you can be with a story, the more fun you'll have with it and all. At least, that's what I believe.