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    Black 2...

    Sasaki, the Dewott L29
    Faraday, the Magnemite L28
    Kerbero, the Growlithe L28
    Ramone, the Scraggy L23

    I'm in Nimbasa. The Desert Resort segment is quite annoying because of all the scattered items, but also because, to go back to Castelia, there's that Breeder who always battles you. It's the single most annoying thing in the history of Pokémon, and I hope XY doesn't feature this kind of rematches. Another annoying thing is that they reduced Scraggy's encounter rate to make up for all the added Pokémon in Route 4 and the Desert Resort, so finding a Scraggy is now a chore. I can find Sigilyph easily, but not Scraggy. Finally I found two, a Naughty female and an Impish male. The female had Moxie (the ability I wanted), but her Sp.Def. was crap because of the nature. The male had a better nature but Shed Skin ability. I kept Ramone (the male) because I felt like a Scraggy looks more masculine, although I had a good nickname for a female one too.

    Burgh was obviously piece of cake, there are so many Pokémon available in the early routes that can massacre his Pokémon... Leavanny was a poor choice for an ace, it has too many exploitable weaknesses. Anyway, since when has a Bug gym not been easy? Even Aaron from the Sinnoh E4 is quite easy, and he has a lot of great Bugs (Scizor, Heracross) and cheats with a non-Bug Pokémon that evolved from a Bug (Drapion).

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