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    Far from the other regions, there is region in the South-West part of the world.
    It is called, Baroglave, a circular region

    This region is divided into Six Sectors
    -Fire Sector (North-West)
    -Water Sector (South-West)
    - Ice Sector (South-East)
    - Earth Sector (North-East)
    - Federal Sector (North-East; a sector within the Earth Sector)
    - Mystic Sector (Center)

    Within the sectors (except the Mystic and Federal Sectors) are the 8 Gym Leaders (Each GYm Leader; The main pokemon of all GYm Leaders/E4 will be marked as (MAIN)

    Within the Fire Sector
    1) Fortaleza Beach Gym- Fighting
    GYM LEADER Rogelio
    1) Machop Lv. 14*
    2) Tyrogue Lv. 15*
    3) Combusken Lv.16* (MAIN)
    Prizes: Athletic Badge, TM08 Bulk Up, HM01 Cut (Ability/HM), Lv. 16 Torchic

    2) Graca City Gym- Normal
    GYM LEADER Teresa
    1) Persian Lv.24*
    2) Eevee Lv.25*
    3) Blissey Lv.26* (MAIN)
    Prize: Pure Badge, TM70 (Flash), TM10 (Hidden Power), HM04 Strength (Ability and HM), Mysterious Egg

    3) Pyros City Gym- Fire
    GYM LEADERS Daniel (1,3) and Aldo (2,4)
    1) Houndoom Lv. 33*
    2) Quilava Lv. 34*
    3) Darmanitan Lv. 35*(MAIN)
    4) Camerupt Lv.35* (MAIN)
    Prize: Volcano Badge, TM35 (Flamethrower), TM11 (Sunny Day), Choice of Charmander, Cindaquil, Tepig

    Within the Water Sector-

    4) Iguacu River City Gym- Water
    GYM LEADER Emanuel
    1) Vaporeon Lv.40*
    2) Blastoise Lv.39*
    3) Seedra Lv.41* (MAIN)
    Prize: Waterfall Badge, TM55 (Scald), HM03 Surf (Ability and HM)

    5) Cathedros Town Gym- Psychic
    1) Xatu Lv. 44
    2) Espeon Lv. 43
    3) Alakazam* Lv.45 (MAIN)
    Prize: Telepathy Badge, TM51 (Ally Switch), HM02 (Fly) Ability, Sage
    **Sage will now accompany you throughout the Baroglave Region, even after you defeat the Elite Four**

    Within the Ice Sector-

    6) Espanto Village Gym- Ghost
    GYM LEADER Henry
    1) Gengar Lv.50*
    2) Chandelure Lv.50
    3) Spiritomb Lv. 53 (MAIN)
    Prize: Spite Badge, TM65 (Shadow Claw)

    7) Southern City Gym- Ice
    GYM LEADER Gabriel
    1) Glaceon Lv. 52
    2) Cryogonal Lv.53
    3) Lapras Lv.54*
    4) Lapras Lv.55* (MAIN)
    Prize: Iceberg Badge, TM94 (Rock Smash), TM79 (Frost Breath), HM06 Dive (Ability, HM)

    8) Horizon Village Gym- Rock / Ground
    GYM LEADERS Leonardo (1,3) and Orlando (2,4)
    1) Nidoking Lv. 58*
    2) Rampardos Lv. 60* (MAIN)
    3) Onix Lv.60*
    4) Steelix Lv.60* (MAIN)
    Prize: Mountain Badge, TM71 (Stone Edge), TM28 (Dig), HM05 Waterfall (Ability)

    After battling Gym Leaders Leonardo and Orlando, you recieve an invitation to the Federal Sector to battle the Govenors of the Four Sectors and the President of the Baroglave Region, treat this battle as a "Pre-Elite Four"
    1) Fire Gov. Pyros
    - Darmanitan
    -Arcanine (MAIN)
    2) Water Gov. Zayn
    -Milotic (MAIN)
    3) Ice Gov. Glacia (yes, she imigrated from the Hoenn Region to Baroglave)
    -Walrein (MAIN)
    4) Earth Gov. Flora (Notice she uses a mix of Rock/Ground/Steel/Electric/Grass/Bug)
    -Meganium (MAIN)
    Baroglave President Barros
    1) Volcarona
    2) Kingdra
    3) Abomasnow
    4) Vileplume
    5) Flygon
    6) Salamence

    After defeating the Elite Four, you recieve a Rios Ticket to get to Rios Island to challenge the Elite Four, after going through Victory Road (More like ruins of an ancient civilization)

    Now to the Elite Four (Sorry for the wait )
    Pokemon League, Rios Island, Baroglave

    Elite Four Daniel- Electric
    1) Zebstrika
    2) Eelektross (MAIN)
    3) Magnezone
    4) Electrivire
    5) Jolteon

    Elite Four Gabriela- Flying
    1) Tropius
    2) Pidgeot
    3) Fearow
    4) Xatu
    5) Altaria (MAIN)

    Elite Four Alejandra- Steel
    1) Bronzong
    2) Scizor
    3) Skarmory
    4) Steelix
    5) Metagross (MAIN)

    Elite Four Zach- Dark and Fighting
    1) Umbreon
    2) Sharpedo
    3) Lucario
    4) Hitmontop
    5) Houndoom (MAIN)

    Champion Shawn – Dragon
    1) Dragonite
    2) Dragonite
    3) Hydreigon
    4) Salamence
    5) Flygon
    6) Haxorus (MAIN)

    After battling the Elite Four the Credits will roll, and soon, you are invited to participate in the Interegional Battling Challenges in the newly renovated World Battle Center in the Federal District

    After winning the Interegional Battling Tournament, new gyms will open up throughout the Region and Surrounding Islands, Types will come out such as, Electric, Dragon, Flying, etc... As well, you will be able to captured the Baroglave 4 (Four Legendary Pokemon that guard the Sectors' Treasures)

    After capturing the Baroglave 4, a new sector will be opened, Mystic Sector, an untouched area, preserved by nature, home to the Dragons (Salamence, Dragonite, etc...), the clean waters are home to Milotic

    Trivia about Baroglave
    *You can choose between three pokemon (Water / Fire/ Grass), and the professor will give you either a Normal or Flying Type soon after.
    *A new story about the Legendary Pokemon is written on how the World was created
    *You get to capture Pokemon in a set of Cities/Locations in the Human World (ex: Mumbai, Loch Ness, Bermuda Triangle) dubbed, "World Cities"
    *Post Elite Four, there is an ongoing conflict of the loss and gain of Dark Magic, and how Good Magic must triumph over Dark Magic
    *Proof of the above comment is a sorceror who befriends the trainer and his group, named Adrian, along with his sidekick, Mikhail.
    *There is a "Revelation / End Times" Section Post-Elite Four
    *Your first encounter with a Legendary Pokemon is right after the 8th Badge
    *Most of the Legendary Pokemon are located on the Octavian Islands, a set of eight islands with Latin names refering to numbers 1-7, with the exeption of the 8th ISland, being called Octavian Island
    *The 6th and 7th Islands are home to the Final 6 (Last Legendary Pokemon before the FINAL Pokemon)
    *The 8th Island is home to ?????, the Omega Dragon Pokemon (LAST POKEMON)

    -I'm currently writing a storyline for the region/game
    If you wish for more details on the gyms that open Post-Elite Four, let me know