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    Well I finally got it working yesterday and then spend another 2 hours to just find the code which would give me experience in game battling. Apart from these I started. The season was Autumn and I started by picking up Oshawott. Named my character (Ace). Battled Cheren and Bianca. Laughed at the after battle scene in my room. Got out do the usual game stuff. Trained a bit at Route 1. Got Pokeballs, saved them for future plans. My Oshawott became at Lv 8. I then got Xtransceiver. The feature was cool when Professor Juniper talked with us all. Oh well went to the first city admired the 3d views. Saw the new Pokemon Center. Just awesome !!! Got out , witnessed the Ghetsis scene. I liked how the plasma grunts escorted him afterwards. Battled N. Went to Route 2, battled all trainers. Have not battled Bianca yet whose Tepig has my devil eyes.. ( I will catch him by using Cheats )

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