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Delta Mayor -

Delta glanced at her surroundings, a sparse two-bed room, it was clean, Delta had always been insistent on keeping this place spotless. There wasn't any personal items, Delta didn't have any besides the lanyard on her neck and that rarely came off. This wasn't her home, and it never would be. They would never determine if Delta decided to leave by the state of this place because it always stayed the same. That's exactly what she wanted... she couldn't get attached to this place or these people. She shoved the newspaper off to the side and began to ponder what she wanted to do with the rest of the day, free day.

An answer came shortly, at the door was Imogen, which was a sight that Delta rather not see if it was possible. Why she had decided to visit was unknown to Delta, but she was going to find out. If this had to do with Paris... it wasn't good. They would've sent Misha to scold her, Delta was sure of that. He was the only one that Delta had any connection to or perhaps that was the problem. An objective party that could actually be harsh to her.

"You and I, we don't do this," Delta waved a finger that pointed at Imogen then herself multiple times to further reference what she was talking about.

It was true, they didn't and Delta wasn't about to start now even if Imogen had said Del. Oakley and the new Atlantean were supposed to soften the whole incident in Paris, how had they found out? Delta didn't take her eyes off Imogen even though her thoughts wandered from the current situation. No, this meeting wasn't about what happened in Paris. There was no way in hell that anyone besides Ice Boy had seen what she had done and that was the story she was sticking to. That, and the one she had told Agnes, Delta knew she was a talented enough liar/manipulator to pull it off because she had been doing it her whole life.

She got up from her bed and stood off to the side of it. Imogen had been at this longer, Atlantean life, the training, the use of her powers, who knew how many guns she had strapped on her. However, it still wasn't enough to intimidate Delta into being off-guard and not on her feet.

A knife appeared in her hands it was one of the ones she kept hidden, but soon it started twirling on one of her fingers. Nonchalantly she spoke, "Get on with it, Imogen."

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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