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Imogen Green - Atlantean Unification Project HQ, Toulouse, France

9th November, 2012
"What, speak? Communicate?" Imogen raised an eyebrow at Delta's immediate hostility. She was a little taken aback, but unsurprised. Her next move was probably funnier though.

A knife? Really? What was Delta trying to say here? Imogen really wasn't sure what impression the girl was trying to give off, but it certainly was a mixed one.

"Aw, sweetie, are you really trying to threaten me with that toothpick?" Imogen cocked her head, the sweetness of her tone almost sickening. "I don't know what those numbskulls taught you in training, but you should never reveal your weapon until its necessary. You're not a man, you don't need to act tough. You need to bring them close," she held the air, like it was a mannequin made of nothing, her hand clenched where its head would be. She leaned in for a kiss and pulled out an imaginary knife, striking the air in the neck, "and then you stab them in the throat. Works every time." She added a wink to the end.

She took a moment to glance at Delta's room. Of course, they had all been here for just over a week now but Delta looked like she had just moved in. It was like a hotel room, not a bedroom. Imogen didn't complain about it; it either meant she was organised or just ready to pack her bags (if they weren't already) and go. The only thing a little messy about it was the plate of breakfast and the newspaper clippings. If the girl wanted to 'get on with it', maybe Imogen should just give it to her straight.

"Delta, honey, I honest to god don't give a sh*t that you killed the drummer. Actually, I preferred it. If someone tries to kill you, you don't lock them up in a cell and tell them to be nice until they 'promise' to do it. You stab them in the throat. Or chop off their head, whatever suits you best," Imogen added a shrug, as if the whole incident was something that happened everyday. "I came up here to talk to you. Everyone else is boring. Agnes is an airhead, William should never have been given what he was given, my co-workers are all 'busy' with bullsh*t that I won't waste my time with and then...then there's you. You're not like them, are you? You're different. I can see it," Imogen took a few steps into the room, leaning on the next piece of furniture she could find (which was a bookcase).

"You don't want what those other kids want, do you?"
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