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    Hanso watched as they took Vera away on the stretcher, with Brynn being supported on her legs by one of the Affiliates, then turned back as Sovereign asked, "You can talk to the Gold tribe with your mind, can't you? Hook me up to it. I have a message for them."

    Raising an eyebrow, Hanso's eyes bore into the Tyranitar. For a moment, his eyes seemed more vibrant than normal, the red iris of his left eye an almost unnatural shade of red. "Yeah, hang on a second," the Gallade answered, the moment passing as if nothing had happened. Reaching out with his mind, it took a few long seconds for Hanso to connect with the minds of the Gold Tribe, re-establishing his telepathic network. He did in time for Zane's message to come through to them all: Everyone, if you're getting this, let's meet in the Stoneguard, in the main chambers, if you're able. I know it's soon, but there's a lot we need to discuss.

    "There you are," Hanso stated as he added Sovereign to the network. "Message away."

    Oh, this'll be fun. What more can I do since I'm stuck inside the head of a Psychic...

    Shut up, Varren. You're not talkin' in my network.