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    Originally Posted by dudebot View Post
    I would argue that the best way to prevent it all from happening is by including said fluff that you mentioned.

    As long as the scenes are well-placed and related to the characters in the story, it brings it's own sense of character development. And although it's not necessarily going to be related to the story, it can build an audience's connection to characters while slowing up the pace (ex. Maes Hughes in FMA Brotherhood).
    In that case, I wouldn't call it fluff. I said that things that would bring out the characters' personality should be things to leave in, as good stories are character driven. I think fluff would be more like unnecessary things like bumps on the wall or the chimp and the monkey -- unless the character ends up examining or reacting to these things, then it isn't quite fluff anymore.

    The thing about fluff is that you shouldn't have a lot of it. It's okay to have some, for, as you say, it slows down the pace. But people also want relevant information, which doesn't always need to come lightning fast, but they don't want it at a snail's pace, either. Used wrongly, it can even break tension, and thus kill a lot of good things in the story. True, I could have used better ways to explain whatever it was I was explaining, but that was what came out in the end.

    I've never seen FMA Brotherhood >_< In fact, I've barely seen the original. I finished the fifth episode and never got farther than that, so I'm sorry to say I have no idea what you are talking about.
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