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    Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
    @Bloodex: Okay, look, guy. What's your goal for the deck? What cards am I allowed to add or cut? I have a totally sweet 40 WATER monster deck but it has 3 Tidal 3 Stream so you might not like (what, $40 for the entire combo deal? plus 2 Moulinglacia and 1 Abyssmegalo I think), but the other cards are pretty cheap. If you don't wanna buy cards, it's very hard to -edit- edit your deck, y'know? Though, if you just want to win against scrubs your current cards are probably enough. Maybe add a Tridon or 2 and call it a day.

    OH YEAH actually because you probably haven't read this post yet, you need Synchros for Diva to make. Probably something in the order of 1 Gishilnodon, 1 Catastor, 1 Armades (maybe with less Gishilnodon and more Hyper Librarian).
    I agree with this, but I'd add that you should wait for Catastor, it's getting reprinted in the next tins so the price will go down. A copy of Abyssmegalo will cost a bit, but it's been reprinted, so it'll probably be $10 at most, unless the price has went up.

    I personally don't really like Moulinglacia, the deck doesn't have that much graveyard control and it can be a complete dead draw. (Plus, it costs a fortune...)

    As for Tidal and Stream, I don't think Stream is necessary. While it can help, Tidal is more helpful, if you're willing to spend the money for it. Heck, even 2 Tidal would help.

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