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    Originally Posted by Glazyalyz View Post
    Well I just wanted to say really nice hack but I feel that the pokemon are very OP. They have a lot of strong moves at very early levels. Another thing is that why can't we switch pokemon in trainer battles when we faint the enemy's pokemon? But out of that I really love this hack. Keep up the great work!
    Don't you worry, all pokemon even out and are viable. Normally the ones that learn huge things early on do that for a reason.

    Set mode everywhere was intentional. Before it was made to not announce what was coming next (like Pure White), but really for the difficulty's sake this served it's just plain makes more sense to have it Set everywhere.

    Originally Posted by SuperSmashBrosU View Post
    Can you play this hack on android? because I was able to play liquid crystal/flora sky/and dark rising on my phone. And so I'm wondering if this is able too. btw I'm using droidemu.
    Unless your emulator is not an emulator, it can play everything.

    Having said that, Droidemu is pretty awful especially for the high price though everything is played. You should be using MyBoy at least, if not GBA.emu or retroarch.
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