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I think Japanese parents are more involved with their kids' wellbeings then North Americans are. They may be brainwashed from a young age how to lead a healthy lifestyle. I also think they prepare food at home most of the time while North Americans rely on fatty take-out.

I have a bad thyroid and fatty genes. My dad raised me on fast food. I should be taking levothyroxin for my thyroid since it'll help speed up my slow metabolism rate, thus helping me lose weight. Aside ALL of that, I've still managed to lose 16lbs in about seven or eight weeks because I was motivated to do so. My genes are against me. My disease is against me. Years of fat shaming only made me wallow in this body that makes me unhappy. The ONLY reason I'm doing it now is because my friends are on weight loss missions, too, so I have the support and environment to do so and feel like I've achieved something. I may have had unhealthy eating styles because of how I was raised, but I'm 20 (almost 21) now so I can change it now. No excuses. Imagine what I'd be at if I was on my meds!

I do believe being fat is a choice when you hit around my age because you're independent now and should be mature enough to make good decisions on your own. Prior to that, it's more the parents' fault. If you're still overweight/obese at 25, and you don't have a serious condition to explain it, then it's really your own fault. People shouldn't treat overweight people differently, though, becaude their choice doesn't really affect you... Unless they're waltzing around nakee or half-nakee or something.
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