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Sovereign could hear Hanso's voice in his head. It was a unique sensation. He had always maintained a wall against such links, but now was not the time for that. Sovereign closed his eyes and focused.

"This is Sovereign. Most of you know me as the Sentinel, Crusher. Some of you may have fought me, or lost people by my hand. Right now that's not important. You stand against Auron. I fought Auron once. He was the strongest opponent I have ever faced. But strength is not all he has. Auron is a man with resolve. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. Even at the cost of his soul.

The odds are stacked against you. You will need as much resolve as Auron in order to beat him. But never drop yourselves to his level. Do not become monsters in order to achieve victory. Stand by your honor. And never stop fighting!"

Sovereign opened his eyes again, and looked at Hanso. "I hope it's enough." He began walking towards the very split in the wall he had created to get into the city. "I am no longer your enemy. But I can't join you. I made an oath to Auron, and my word as a dragon is something I cannot break. But... I made another oath... long before then. I have to return to my home." He looked back over his shoulder and grinned. "I doubt he'll let me though... take care of Vera when I'm gone."