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Fat shaming is ridiculous. It's no one's damn business if someone isn't the same weight as them. "Why do you care if he's bigger than you? Oh, that guy has meat on his bones? Wow, how insulting! How dare he actually be a healthy weight while you look like a walking wheat chaff!"

People are so stupid. >.<

On the other hand, like droomph said, you do have control over your weight. If you feel bad about yourself, stop sitting on your butt and eating junk and fix the problem already. Join a gym for Lord's sake. Eat a salad. Eat a baked potato instead of fries. Cook your meats right. Google a diet if you have to, I'm sure there's 9 million+ diets on the internet. Do some push-ups and crunches. Run on a treadmill. Walk your dog/cat/goldfish/tarantula/whatever down the street for an hour and laugh at it peeing on someone's tire. If you actually do something, you'll feel better than doing nothing. So yeah, do that and be happy.
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