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Fat shaming is ridiculous. It's no one's damn business if someone isn't the same weight as them. "Why do you care if he's bigger than you? Oh, that guy has meat on his bones? Wow, how insulting! How dare he actually be a healthy weight while you look like a walking wheat chaff!"
I'm sorry, but I'm just going to interrupt here and say that fat shaming is wrong. You agree with this, yes? And you go on to skinny shaming to make your point, which is just as bad. No one deserves any shame for their size. I'm tired of having people tell me that I need to eat because I'm small. I wouldn't dare tell someone larger than me to shove in a salad, because I know how that treatment feels.

Basically, if you're going to say, "It's no one's damn business if someone isn't the same weight as them" then why do you go on to say what you said right after? I assumed you meant all people at first and would agree, but I can't if you just took a step back in your approach. Apparently you only meant heavier people shouldn't be shamed, but it's fine to ridicule smaller people. If I've misunderstood you in any way, then I'm sorry. But either way, people should be aware of it.

I'm sorry to interrupt the thread for that, and I know this thread is about fat shaming, but still. Don't say something is bad and then fling it on the opposite end of the spectrum.
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