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Originally Posted by Pachy View Post
There really isn't any legitimate excuse for fat shaming. Nobody who says otherwise is right.

Calling it a matter of will power isn't going to solve things. Today's society makes healthy choices more difficult to achieve, maintain and access for many people. Junk food is everywhere and sadly it's difficult to escape or avoid. Anxiety and stress cause us to eat at times, and the availability of food is so high, that it makes it even easier to have bad habits than good ones.

We need a culture shift. Very badly.
There's a fundamental flaw in the mindset of society that makes it somehow magically not so wrong because they're pretending to care about the person by pressuring them about their weight and contributing to the problem, rather than any real steps towards a solid solution. If you really care about somebody, you don't stigmatize them; you communicate that compassionately along with your concerns. Doing otherwise is immature.

It is counterproductive to show concern about someone's health by insulting them, while in the same situation contributing not only to their problem, but doing nothing useful to help them get over it. They don't need to be told they're fat, they probably already know! They'd probably fix it a lot sooner it if you'd stop demolishing their mental health while they are trying to address a physical problem.

It gets increasingly difficult in low income situations to lose weight, because it is more expensive/difficult to obtain the healthier/higher quality choices in food. Exercise helps; but only if you've got time for it, which you probably don't if you're working two jobs to make ends meet.
Yes, but it's not like they can't do it.

Sure, they may have two jobs, but with enough effort, things can change.

Sure, saying it's easy is annoying, but just blowing it off like that is annoying to me also.

Just because you can't eat healthy because you're poor doesn't mean it's possible.

If you try harder, it will get better. If people try to help you it will get better. Only one or the other isn't the answer. We need both, and only if we have both will anything get done. Emotional and physical support from others, even if it's just saying that you're doing good, and you need to put in everything you've got, even if it's just staying up five minutes before bed and fighting through the sleep to do a couple reps.

Only then can you say that "you can't help it" or "you're not trying hard enough". If you're fat even then, that's the only time where it's not your fault.

Trust me, unless you try as hard as you physically can, everything is your fault. There's no definite numbers of crunches to do or whatever, but 100% is the threshold at which you should operate.
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