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I eat meat, but I'm not like, over-the-top crazy lol I can eat a vegetarian sub or a salad. That's fine lol I can go days without eating meat (for whatever reason) and no bigs from me.

I prefer tender sheep and grilled chicken. Beef is good, too, on hamburgers. Liver is pretty good, too, as is properly cooked, warm sheep brain. Won't eat that too often, though, or too much because I like the taste but my psychology tricks me into thinking it's gross lol and that sometimes is more powerful than the fact my taste buds rejoice.

I love Grilled Chicken Fiesta McWarps from Macdonald's. At half the sauce, it's only about 390 calories lol Maybe even less. It's 420 with full sauce, and sauce tends to have a lot of calories in it so... :v

Not a fan of pork, though. I didn't eat it for three years for religious reasons. I eat it now off and on, mostly on BLTs from Subway because it's low in calories in comparison to some of their other subs...
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