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Why are people comparing obesity to things like depression? Obesity is more like smoking or drug use. Just because depression can cause obesity does not mean they are similar afflictions. I have no pity for people who are obese, but I'm not gonna "shame" them. I also don't think its okay to get upset at people who genuinely think being obese is wrong, because let's face it- it's a product of lack of willpower in the face of a culture that glorifies convienence and passivity. People will say fat shaming obese people is wrong, but will then go on to call smokers and drug users pathetic and scum, when really it's the same issue.

Is the 'pressure' to be thin in Japan much like the pressure to not use drugs in America? If so, what is the problem with that?

I just feel bad for people who are overweight that are for some reason clumped with obese people, cause usually being overweight isn't because of their choices.

(What I mean by this post is that we should decouple fat shaming from simply pointing out that obesity is unhealthy and bad and in most cases is NOT out of someones control)
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