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I have a weird relationship with meat. I can honestly say it isn't my favorite thing. I don't really like chicken, turkey or pork. Ive tried a few game meats( duck, quail, venison) and honestly they were not good and lacked flavor. I find meat pretty annoying to chew and it dosen't really taste that good. I also can't handle a lot at a time nor do I really want to eat a lot of it. I fill up on side dishes, I like those. I also really like seafood and could probably give up all other meats and just eat that. Ground meats like hamburgers are ok( in genaral I'm ok with a bit of beef, lamb, chicken and turkey(iffy) and I don't like pork much except for sausage and bacon, but again, not really my favorite, I just really don't like meat much and I really think that's ok, to each their own. I really don't care if people think I'm weird because of that. Other foods are yummy too and I seriously don't see why meat has to be an entree anyway, why can't veggies/vegetarian food be?

My favorite chinese food is a vegan Ma Po tofu and it really is yummy I want some now. Its one of my favorite foods in general, no meat required. I think I could live without meat with some effort and being able to afford the proper foods so I get all the protein I need. Also Chipotle makes these really good vegetarian burrito bowls I like.

I did try being vegetarian once and it lasted for a good couple months, though i don't really think I did it the right way and started living off eggs, cheese and peanut butter, which I don't really think is how you're supposed to do the vegetarian thing, I eventually got weak and caved. Now though as a result, I'm eating less meat, I eat only small portions cause sometimes my stomach doesn't handle it that well( when I first ate meat after that vegetarian thing I thought I was going to get sick) I could try being vegetarian again and might do so when I move out, or else just eat mainly vegetarian food and not eat meat everyday because honestly I just don't feel like it and don't really want to go through the hassle of making sure it's cooked through. I respect that it's other people's choice to eat what they want and I want other people to respect my choices.
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