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    Originally Posted by Thergox View Post
    The thing about fluff is that you shouldn't have a lot of it. It's okay to have some, for, as you say, it slows down the pace. But people also want relevant information, which doesn't always need to come lightning fast, but they don't want it at a snail's pace, either. Used wrongly, it can even break tension, and thus kill a lot of good things in the story. True, I could have used better ways to explain whatever it was I was explaining, but that was what came out in the end.
    A good example of this that I've seen in the Pokemon fandom is the season Johto League Championships for the anime. It was had a lot of filler episodes, where the heroes met character-of-the-day with Pokemon-of-the-day. Potd had a problem that the heroes helped Cotd solve by Team Rocket attacking and Potd used an attack, got some confidence, and nothing of importance happened.

    Things like that are what you want to avoid in your own story. If you need to slow down the story's pace with filler, make sure that something happens in it. That's pretty much how I make sure there's no fluff in my fics. I read over scenes and ask if they add any importance to the overall plot/character development.

    Sometimes, they only give you about 13 episodes and you have to pack all of the elaborate storyline into that small timeframe (like K or Sword Art Online). Sometimes, they tell you to stretch a relatively small series into a hundred episodes or so (like Yu-Gi-Oh or DBZ). Sometimes, it's not the creator's pacing, but rather the network's demands.
    This is true for shows. For instance, the first season of Digimon was originally going to be thirteen episodes. It was extended to fifty because the network wanted more episodes, so the writers had to continue on the story.
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