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    Originally Posted by Cosmic Fury View Post
    Been a very nice trip! I've very much enjoyed this story, Cutlerine. You really made it a good one for all of us! You've done something nearly impossible with forums and you've made me read and actively participate in a fanfic from the very start of when I first saw it straight to the end.

    Many thanks to you for a job well done! :)
    Well, that's great! It's lovely when people get together and take an interest; it's also lovely when people like your stories, but the main thing is that this story generated some activity, which is just fantastic.

    Originally Posted by aethylthryth View Post
    Fantastic story, Cutlerine! Good luck with your novel and I hope you'll publish it once you're done!
    Thank you. I hope I will too, but I'm not optimistic about my chances of success. After all, it's not an easy world to get into.

    Thank you all for reading, playing and participating!

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