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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
It was more of a rhetorical question but okay

I was just making the point that helping others is just as important as they try themselves.
A lot of people would disagree, but I think you're right. Helping others is important. I just think that the most effective motivation comes from within. If your determination isn't rock-solid, you're not going to accomplish anything worth accomplishing.

I don't think any of that means I can't speak my mind, though. Rather, intelligent discussion helps people understand several things better: the issue at hand, their reasoning in regards to it, and themselves.

Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
Let's not reduce the burden and overcoming of being overweight into one yes/no variable - choice. Clearly as we've seen by some of the testimonies, the reality is much more complex and I feel that some of the reductionism going on doesn't do the situation and the people going through it justice.

Even choice is a lot more complex than a yes/no decision, there's a huge range of behaviours that we could pin between choice and "non-choice", so it's more like a spectrum. There is also a string of individualism going on, which also ignores and begs the question of what society and the environment has on influencing one's actions. Sure, at the end of the day said person makes a choice - doesn't particularly help anyone though.

I also don't find using imperatives in threads to be courteous, no matter to who it's directed to. It goes back to the primacy of positive thinking - confrontation leads to nothing beneficial. You could tell someone going through something difficult that it's their responsibility, but to be honest, that's just stating the obvious and aggravating their frustrations and lack of self-confidence further. I find that when people are encouraged in a positive environment, they tend to confront their demons on their own, without anybody telling them to. Likewise with the issue of choice, there is a spectrum between encouragement and molly-coddling and we shouldn't be so focus on just one of the ends.
But it is a yes or no choice. Sure, it's one that's pretty hard to follow through on, with a lot of obstacles along the way. But in the end, you make the decision on whether you want to put in the time and effort to commit yourself to a goal and follow through. Unless you're paralyzed in a car accident along the way, that responsibility is yours.
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