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I'm not overweight myself, but someone very close to me is, and I've seen the effects of this kind of behaviour first-hand. My own mother is in a group that specializes with weight loss of this kind, but this she intends to get lap-band surgery to help correct it. However, the specialist she was talking about this with was more than rude to her. She has a very legitimate reason for her weight, and it was because when she was in the hospital in the months leading to my birth, the doctors gave her steroids to increase her weight. Those doctors even told her that she would gain weight because of the steroids. She maintained a healthy diet of salads and healthy foods - not pizza and cake and sugary foods that aren't good, all while she was in the hospital. She kept on the weight all these years and has been struggling to loose it. But this specialist said, basically, that it wasn't the steroids that made her gain weight, and that it was the food that she was shoving (Yes, that's what he actually said) in her mouth. And when she came home from that meeting, she was really hurt by it. Not to mention that she doesn't eat a lot of sugary or fatty foods because she's diabetic and having too much sugar could kill her.

So I can see some truth to this. If you're just going to be plain-out rude to people that are overweight instead of helping them along the way, then they're going to simply loose the motivation to go on to loose the weight. They need that person that will give that kick in the butt, but not do it in a rude fashion. Because if all a person is going to do is brow-beat you, why even bother continue on with it if backtalk all you're going to get? It's not constructive or helpful in the least.

As I stated, I'm pretty much average for my age and height, hence not being overweight, but seeing this behaviour on people close to me has made me see just how it affects them. If people knew how to be patient when assisting people, it might actually work for more people. But some people just don't realize that weight doesn't magically come off overnight. It takes time, persistence, patience, kindness, and effort to get this to happen.
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