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    Okay, lets give this a shot.
    Region: Isdolan (Based off of the Middle East, specifically Iran)
    Gym Leaders:

    1) Abyek City
    Gym Leader Seth (Dark Type)
    1) Zorua Lv15
    2) Mightyena Lv20
    Prize: Night Badge and a TM containing Night Slash

    2) Jayvaba Town
    Gym Leader Lane (Normal Type)
    1) Munchlax Lv25
    2) Miltank Lv27
    3) Snorlax Lv30
    Prize: Heavy Badge and a TM containing Body Slam

    3) Oskou City
    Gym Leader Marcus (Rock Type)
    1) Onix Lv30
    2) Golem Lv32
    3) Aerodactyl Lv35
    Prize:Hardy Badge, a TM containing Stone Edge, and an Old Amber

    4) Boliyama City
    Gym Leader Kaitlin (Electric Type)
    1) Raichu Lv35
    2) Zebstrika Lv37
    3) Magnezone Lv40
    Prize: Zap Badge and a TM containing Thunderbolt

    5) Sadra Town
    Gym Leader Braden (Steel Type)
    1) Steelix Lv40
    2) Scizor Lv43
    3) Metagross Lv43
    4) Aggron Lv45
    Prize: Mill Badge and a TM containing Meteor Mash

    6) Barrothorn City
    Gym Leader Shannon (Grass Type)
    1) Vileplume Lv45
    2) Leafeon Lv47
    3) Sceptile Lv49
    4) Torterra Lv50
    Field Badge and a TM containing Leaf Blade

    7. Ruins of Dohktar (Gym was relocated after an earthquake)
    Gym Leader Andrew (Ground Type)
    1) Donphan Lv52
    2) Dugtrio Lv54
    3) Krookodile Lv54
    4) Golurk Lv56
    5) Swampert Lv58
    Prize: Mud Badge and a TM containing Earthquake (Ironic lol)

    8) Mahmuei City
    Gym Leader Allison (Dragon Type)
    1) Dragonite Lv60
    2) Gyarados Lv62
    3) Charizard Lv63
    4) Haxorus Lv64
    5) Flygon Lv65
    6) Hydreigon Lv67
    Prize: Fang Badge, a TM containing Draco Meteor, and entrance to a secret area in the Ruins of Dohktar where you can catch Dragon Pokemon Lv50 and up.

    Elite 4:

    1) First Room
    Elite 4 Marc (Ancient Power)
    1) Armaldo Lv70
    2) Cradily Lv70
    3) Kabutops Lv72
    4) Carracosta Lv72
    5) Rampardos Lv72
    6) Archeops Lv73

    2) Second Room
    Elite 4 Evin (Ghost)
    1) Gengar Lv75
    2) Dusknoir Lv76
    3) Cohagrigus Lv78
    4) Chandelure Lv79
    5) Shedinja Lv80
    6) Froslass Lv81

    3) Third Room
    Elite 4 Chloe (Creepy Crawlies/Bugs)
    1) Heracross Lv81
    2) Scyther Lv82
    3) Galvantula Lv83
    4) Scolipede Lv84
    5) Yanmega Lv84
    6) Vespiquen Lv85

    4) Fourth Room
    Elite 4 Zach (Variety)
    1) Machamp Lv87
    2) Snorlax Lv88
    3) Tyranitar Lv90
    4) Tauros Lv91
    5) Electavire Lv92
    6) Charizard Lv93

    Champion's Room
    Champion Alex (Variety)
    1) Lucario Lv93
    2) Salamance Lv94
    3) Blaziken Lv94
    4) Lapras Lv95
    5) Zoroark Lv96
    6) Eelektross Lv97

    The storyline takes place in the Isdolan Region, an area that has been through a lot of fighting and war with other Regions, but has recently come to peace with the other Regions. This results in you finally being allowed to begin your journey after you served in a military career for the Original Army (Kanto, Johto, etc..). Your family decided to move to the recently liberated Region to get a fresh start after losing your original home in the Hoenn region during the War. You start off with your one Pokemon that fought along your side in the war. (Riolu, Zorua, Larvitar, Mudkip, or Pikachu)

    During your adventure, you meet a person that will become your Rival. He wants to battle you, saying that he has never lost but if he did, he would give you a useful item, which is the Pokedex. You then begin your journey for the badges.

    Important Notes:
    1) You can obtain every Pokemon up to Generation 5 in-game
    2) After beating the Elite 4, you can go scuba diving in Barrothorn City. While diving, you find an ancient relic which shows each location of Legendary Pokemon. You then proceed on a Legendary Hunt travelling to different regions to go to Legendary locations. (Seafoam Islands, Tin Tower, Sky Pillar, etc..)
    3) You can buy Master Balls from the Isdolan branch of Silph Co. for $100,000

    I am also writing the storyline for this region/game.
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