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    Well, I've basically started my shiny hunting from scratch, and now that most of my shinies are in fifth gen, I've decided to stop transferring them to fifth gen, and keep shinies exclusively in fourth gen. As for what I've accomplished, I have two shiny hoenn starters to show off!

    First off is Treecko, which I transferred to fourth gen and evolved into sceptile.

    I found this after ten days of hunting, and boy was I thrilled to find it. Despite how long it took to find, I didn't run across any shiny uncatchable poohyena. : )

    Second is a shiny I've already hunted twice before, this is my third shiny Torchic! Though this time I was brave and decided to evolve it despite how lame shiny blaziken is. At the moment it's only a Combusken, but It will evolve eventually. I found this Torchic after 8136 soft resets, and after finding THREE shiny poochyena in one day. Fortunately I found the Torchic the next afternoon. : )

    Now I just gotta get Mudkip, and I'll have all three!

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