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    Pokemon like Emolga, Zapdos, Eelecktross etc will be useful for sky battles so hopefully pokes like Emogla will be in the regional dex as I thought it was pretty cool. Anyway, I think it will be kinda annoying if you have a flying type in your party and you dodge a trainer, only to be confronted by a trainer wanting to have a sky battle. Sure it would be new and cool at first but then would get annoying. Usually toward the end of the game when I have grinded my team I really can't be bothered to battle NPCs so do whatever I can to dodge them, and it may be I don't use a type that has levitate or a flying type, even though flying types are my favorites. This is just my 2 cents and I know most people like to battle everyone and like the feature, but it just seems like another to get annoyed over for me lol.
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