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I don't like meat. I don't like the texture of it, and I don't like the taste of it. I ate it for most of my life because that's just how I was raised, and until I had the funds to choose my own diet without being a burden to my family, I continued to eat it. I relapsed quite a few times just because of how easily accessible it is to eat, and how the world as a whole seems to be anti-vegetarian when it comes to choice of foods in most places, especially fast food. But actually, if you take the time and do the research, it isn't as anti-vegetarian as it seems to be. Even fast food restaurants tend to have options for vegetarians. For instance, I love Taco Bell, and until very recently, I didn't know you could replace the crappy beef with this delicious rice that they serve.

I don't try to press my views on anyone. And strangely, I don't get any slamming comments from meat eaters in my offline life. I get a few from people online, but those don't really concern me these days anymore. I find that I'm a lot more healthier without meat in my diet, but I realize that its an extremely difficult thing for some people to do and I respect their decision when it comes to their own diets. I get all the nutrition that I would if I was a meat eater, without the guilt that came with it for me for having an animal in my stomach.
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