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Yeah, uh, update. If you feel like you've had too much Nido (preposterous! Such a notion simply cannot exist. In fact, you all are Nido deficient as I assume no one else is giving you what you gotta have), then this update is... no different.

But ALSO in this update, there's some non-Pokemon artwork. For reals this time, no fake outs. One more note, this update does not include all work I've done since last time. Where's the fun in giving every thing away?

More Things.



Bone Cousins

Bone is likely my favorite non-newspaper comic/graphic novel ever. Probably the only thing I’ve ever read thus far where I could not wait to read more (even my much esteemed inspiration Calvin and Hobbes didn’t do that for me). Jeff Smith is sort of an inspiration of mine. I still admire what he was able to accomplish. The Bone cousins are just about everything I like in character design. I always loved the eyebrow(s), it’s just “swoosh” and there you go.

My favorite bone is Phoncible P. “Phoney” Bone. He’s such a funny character and an archetype I just don’t see all that often in modern media. Also, “Phoncible” is just plain fun to say.

Mačak Felix

I wanted to emphasize silhouette and negative space. The original lineart is pretty clear, but I designed it so that a person could connect the dots for their self. Also, I wish Don Oriolo would pick up where the Twisted Tales series left off. Had a good thing going there…


Sure, why not? I didn’t know what to do for the background so I just went Mother 2/3 battle backdrop on it.

Rabbit Doodles

Have some rabbits.

Generic Pokemon
Comments indented and italicized from Aqua Bunny website


Poison Baby, Another, Already

This turned out differently than I wanted. She was supposed to be lying in some kind of light source, probably the sun, in a lazy dog/cat sort of fashion (used a flopped over rabbit as an anatomical base reference, however). I think the original lineart suggests this better.

Summer Melon

A refreshing summer treat big enough to share.

FUN Pokemon

Comments indented and italicized from Aqua Bunny website




Rina Harine

Another Nidorina gift art. If you couldn’t tell, I like drawing Nidos regardless of who they belong to. :P


For someone who really doesn’t care a bit about Pokémon®, someone may wonder why I even claim ownership of a Pokemon website. It’s mostly because of characters like these. They’re pretty much the reason I still run the website, because for me, they’re a lot of fun, and I’ve had them for a long time. Nidorina in the top right is the first and oldest, and for better or worse is the longest running Pokemon character that I know of in general. I’d like to think you’d be hard pressed to find an older character that still exists, unless the character was created in 1998 or the author is Japanese.

Granted, I’m not drawing Nidos every day (unless I’m working on a picture but you know what I mean), but every now and then it’s fun to pull them out of the pile of “stuff I like”, and go to town. A lot of AB regulars have basically told me that the characters (along with the emphasis on creative works of all types) make the site what it is, and I have to agree. We’d all be bored stiff if it was just some Nido biology small talk.

Did you notice that they’re all rather uniquely designed?

tl;dr I meade this picture as a way to say “thank these characters for existing, because if they didn’t I’d be doing better things. :P”

Happy Summer

That’s our consistent little Lisa. Being asocial as usual.

Tumblr Anniversary #2

There was never a number 1. Anyway I drew this up for the Tumblr satellite site, 100% unique to it (well, I guess I just posted it here, too).


Father's Day 2013

Another addition to the riveting Life of Nidorino saga.
There is no such thing.

I forget if I mentioned this, but a huge inspiration of mine is newspaper comics. That includes Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes obviously, but there’s a lot more as well, and I don’t even mean the most modern (1980s up) ones, either. Also, I love the beat panel and the antic panel (a term I just made up, right now). It times everything out so well if you don’t breeze through the comic. Bone is masterful at this. See my love for Bone above.

Like Christmas Morning. Or Perhaps, Like Winning the Lottery?


That feeling when you (finally) get a Street Pass.

Caramel Refreshment

People sometimes ask where I get my inspirations/material from. Simply put, about 80% of it comes from real life. Case in point, the cafeteria where I get my lunch has flavor syrups you can add to soft drinks/tea/juice. You can also get soda water/club soda/seltzer water straight from the dispenser. So I mixed together caramel flavored syrup and soda water. It made me think about the idea of a caramel drink, and then just straight melted caramel, and I knew which character to assign that thought too. Also, caramel flavored soda is actually very... ah, unique.

The Pitch

A different style of comic. Like my illustrations, I like to switch things up because I must have artist’s ADHD or something. I’ve been making up for lost time with Lisa. Inspired by a commercial on Cartoon Network, obviously. Also, Lisa’s usually quiet but two things set her off: competitive video games and whatever she’s really into. Lots of squeeing and shouting abound.

That’s it for this update.

Coming up next… a full animation? Hah, don’t I wish.

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