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    Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
    I honestly would love to be able to walk with the first Pokemon in my party again and have their customization show up in the overworld. Would be very fun and it'd definitely encourage me to collect wearables and dress up my 'mons. Having a more prominent Pokemon contest side quest would be nice, too, as I've always wished the main games wouldn't always push badge collecting above other things. Like Ante said, it would be great if we could be given a choice. :D
    I want to be able to walk with my pokemon, too. I loved that in HGSS! (Optional would be good, of course.) If customization was to appear on the overworld, then this might mean that Gamefreak would have to draw-out each accessory twice? In HGSS, overworld sprites were different from in-battle.

    Pokeathalon > Contests and Super Contests > Pokestar Studios > Musicals

    This is my own personal preference. If they have contests again, I hope that they make them a lot more of a journey, forcing you to travel to different ones, as opposed to just a single hall (or a multiple halls that have no differences.)
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