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    I just made this account (as well as a new email, facebook, etc.) as I wanted something more personal. Let me break it down:

    Dusk, despite being an awesome-sounding first name, has meaning. Dusk is the darkest time of the night by definition. I love nighttime, from the near silence, to the cool winds, to the dark and (to me) relaxing setting. On top of that, dusk is simply the most ideal time of night, where those three high points are at their greatest.

    As for Lunacy, well, this one isn't as simple. Lunacy is pretty much synonymous with Lunatic, meaning someone who is crazy/insane. With all of my oddities I believe this to be true in a sense. I also like to act a tad nuts at times, because laughter to me is one of the greatest experiences ever. However, this isn't my main point. Lunacy has a secondary definition, where it not only means crazy, but crazy in the presence of the full moon. I absolutely love staring at the moon, especially when full. And at dusk, there couldn't be a better time!
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