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    Originally Posted by Sweets Witch View Post
    I like mine but I hate anybody else's. My daughter's decent for a kid. She may throw a tantrum or two, but they're always at home and she gets tired very easily.

    But other kids are demonspawn and I hate them all.
    Heh.. This made me laugh..

    I have mixed feelings, I do like most kids, I like to play with them and still probably get into the play mood more than they do sometimes cause well.. I'm just a big kid! :3

    But then... Oh boy.. There are just some that are just sooo... Bad mannered, loud, rude, rat kids that you just want to yell 'Shut up!' and hold back punches cause 'I can't go to jail again!'.. Like, on my bus, it is just full with little annoying, rude brats that are constantly shouting, hitting, swearing, pushing and insult everyone. I've heard them say some pretty hurtful things, and it's disgusting hearing kids say words I've never even heard until I was like.. 14... And they are like 5 or 6..

    Babies can be kinda annoying too though.. With the crying and drooling and crapping and sucking on toys.. But can be cute too though haha.
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