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Cape City

Words... words echoed in Paladin's mind. The words bounced off the sides of his brain and resonated throughout it, and yet, he heard nothing from outside his own mind. A telepathic message. He couldn't make out what it was saying, but he caught some words. Meet...stoneguard...discuss... The rest was a fuzzy blur, as was his vision, his hearing, and pretty much all his senses. Even the pain was minimal because he seemed to be in some kind of limbo state. Still, in this state, he could feel memories surfacing. What that dark side of him really was.

The memories surfaced in fragments, but he could remember being in a torturehouse, not unlike the one where he had lost his good friend Zed. However, this was different. He lay strapped to the ground somehow, and over him loomed the form of a dragon... Auron. Sentry, his loyal pet, stood there too, and a third figure whom he could not make out.

"Do it," Auron commanded, and the third figure walked to the other side of the stinky, scream-filled room for a moment and came back with what appeared to be a small, shiny object in his palm.

"No..." Paladin muttered, sensing something very wrong with the object.

"Oh yes," The third figure said with a large grin, as she approached, clearly a woman by the sound of her voice. But wait... he knew that voice.


Frost just giggled as she brought the thing nearer to him. He could feel his senses slipping away as it drew closer, until finally...


A soothingly familiar voice broke his trance, and Paladin awoke in a cold sweat, as if he'd just had a nightmare. Over him, there stood no Auron or Frost, but a white Ninetails. "Allora..." Paladin muttered softly, relieved at the sight of her. Despite some burns and scratches, she was alright. The Ninetails was holding up a pouch full of Oran Berries with her Psychic, and began feeding them to the Golurk...somehow.

"My Arceus..." Allora muttered as she examined Paladin's form, after feeding him the berries. "You need serious medical attention. Now."

Paladin could barely feel his body below his small head, but he shook his head. "No. Sovereign. I have to find Sovereign, and finish him off," Paladin decided, despite the fact that he could not move.

"Forget it. What you need is rest and more berries," Allora replied sternly.

Suddenly, a sharp pain in the dark side of his body. "RRRARGH!" Paladin screamed all of a sudden, in agony but unable to do anything about it. Allora snapped to attention. She knew that they had to get out of here, and that there would be nobody to help Paladin out here. The two were at the edge of the city, when Paladin had apparently tried to fly away but crash landed; she'd seen him. There was only one option to help her friend.

Paladin felt himself rise into the air all of a sudden, floating just above ground. To his side, despite the pain blurring his vision once more, he could see his faithful friend Allora using her Psychic to lift him into the air. "Come on..." she grunted, devoting all her focus to keeping the heavy Golurk aloft.

She began walking, keeping the floating Golurk ahead of her, in the direction of the Stoneguard.

In Paladin's mind, he could hear another message. It was Sovereign! That bastard was preaching about fighting on, as if he was a member of the Gold Tribe. "What does he know?" Paladin thought. "He's an Arceus-damn Sentinel! Nothing he ever says will make up for the deeds he has done! I hate him!" Paladin could feel his thoughts growing darker and darker, as he repeated the words in his head.

"I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!"

A last thought entered his mind before he finally blacked out, but it was not his own.

"...And we will kill him."