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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Oh god dying from your custom sprites. Especially the fish ahahah, I need to learn how to customise this more. Poor Slowpoke though eek! I'd definitely be interested in coming to this server some time - we could even try to make it an official server for the club if you're happy to? Would love to hear more about how your server runs! I've loved the Pixelmons mod in the past but I've only ever been able to try it with one person at a time, so having more players would be a lot of fun haha.
    Oh wow! Thanks! I know you'll appreciate seeing the cooked version of him~

    I didn't expect the official server for the club offer but it's a great idea if everyone else is okay with it.

    The server itself is a whitelist server because we wanted to maintain a serious roleplay in-game so applications are necessary. But its well worth, I promise you~

    I can tell you about the plugins below.

    It runs using multiple plugins including the Pixelmon mod. There's permissions given to each building and each apartment, store, complex, unit, and etc, has their own permissions.

    RP essentials plugins give us local chat (20 blocks), shout (40 blocks), whisper (3 blocks), and emotes. Everyone also has a character card they can set. You can view their character cards by shift right clicking them.

    We've also got a few other miscellaneous stuff like /mail, /cprivate (for locking chests), /sethome and signs that create lifts and gates (craftbook)

    You're definitely welcome to join us! The more the merrier~ If you're interested, click the tantalizing badge below (yay, I reached the big 15!):