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    Penance 'Madman' Malum

    "Of course he is Zangoose. He always was..." Penance was currently high above them, sitting on a piece of the wall that was jutting out. "You just never saw it because you wanted to trust him... wanted to believe the good in him. That was your downfall Zangoose." The Golduck closed his eyes and hummed to himself, "Scar is fine... he is being tended to. Not that you all would care after all... seeing as how this mess was all caused by the Gold Tribe."

    He gave a meager shrug, "You can try denying it all you want... but such authority has been predicted many times before. You just shut your ears and didn't care... that is until now. Now those predictions have proven true and yet you still wish to raise the gold... pitiful." He shook his head, tsking as well. "Same as raising silver... for another generation mind you." He cocked his head, narrowing his eyes down at the Goldies. "Riddle me this... what will happen a hundred years from now? When you goldies decide its for the best interest of all that they should not know about the silver crystal? What happens when the silver crystal has to be checked yet again? Send off a team of goldies who become corrupted yet again and decide to kill off everyone? It's happened before... remember Zane?"

    He smiled widely, "I see that look in your eyes sometimes... how you speak of dreams... how you see the past. I wonder if those goldies even bothered to think about how we would be this day and age? You think they thought that the silver crystal would be used once more? I highly doubt so, because you are trained not to think. Just follow the good old generals, right?"

    He chuckled. "Oh, but enough of that... for now. You all wouldn't care anyways." He waved his hand dismissively. "But I know what you do care about... how about that battle eh? Adrenaline rushing am I right!?" He grinned brightly. "So many dead... just for that rush of combat eh?" He chuckled a bit more, "Funny isn't it? Trained for combat but wanting to keep the peace and thus trying to stop war... yet you revel in it. Hypocritical isn't it?" He looked down and shrugged once more, "Just a casual observation of course. But anyways, more information rests in Scar's mind... as well as in Genevieve's. Yes... I have her. You don't want to know what's happening to her though..." He finished in a sing song voice.

    "But no worries, you're precious information to cause more war to stop war will soon be in your hands."