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Originally Posted by Ðelta View Post
Anyway, has anyone ever tried learning Hawaiian? It sounds very nice, but there aren't too many native speakers as far as I know.
I tried, and the TV show for it is nice, but really not my style :p to this day I really only know a couple of words and the phonology :\

Also, rumors, but I heard that Tahitian sounds a lot better than even Hawaiian.

Originally Posted by Ðelta View Post
Thai and Khmer characters are very intimidating to look at. It's very interesting, though.
yeah this is annoying honestly :p

What's really weird is that with abugidas, the "a" sound is almost always really convoluted, with like diacritics that stretch before the letter, and it's just ahhhh I mean I learned Arabic but Thai I just can't figure out with the method I used for Arabic :c
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
o i forgot 5