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I think a cool thing for Pokemon Essentials is to be able to modify which Pokemon can be used with the DNA Splicers. This could add more possibilities as to say a fused Fakemon or like something like Eevee could use. It could go back and forth with its forms
Sorry if this was repeated I may have not seen it.
I have made this kit and will post a topic about this soon after I make more than 15 posts.. :/

What this is, is a essentials battle kit for Gen III. I kept searching
on the web and couldn't find one of these. Since I made one for private
use, I thought wynaut post in public? So I posted here. Right in Public.

Inside the Kit are all Gen III games and some files to help you set up
with your friend. And please, since I'm still a kid, I don't really care about
grammar errors. Just give suggestions and stuff that could make it more
awesome and better at serving its purpose.

The file :
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