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Originally Posted by Paulthagerous View Post
So I picked up a used copy of Pearl today and it had the following Shinies on it. Needless to say, I am not going to count any as my own, but it was still quite an interesting surprise. Quantity in brackets:

(1) Azelf
(1) Bronzong
(1) Cacturne
(1) Chimeco
(1) Chingling
(1) Combusken
(1) Floatzel
(1) Geodude
(1) Glameow
(1) Golbat
(1) Golduck
(1) Graveler
(1) Heatran
(1) Kabuto
(1) Lapras
(1) Latios
(1) Mesprit
(1) Noctowl
(1) Pichu
(1) Raikou
(1) Rayquaza
(1) Roselia
(1) Suicune
(1) Trapinch
(1) Uxie
(1) Vaporeon
(1) Wailord
(2) Celebi
(2) Cresselia
(2) Dialga
(2) Dustox
(2) Giratina
(2) Jirachi
(2) Machoke
(2) Medicham
(2) Mew
(2) Mr Mime
(2) Palkia
(2) Phione
(2) Quagsire
(2) Rapidash
(2) Regice
(2) Regigigas
(2) Regirock
(2) Registeel
(2) Rotom
(2) Shellos
(2) Sneasel
(2) Spiritomb
(2) Sudowodo
(2) Tentacool
(3) Darkrai
(3) Shaymin
(4) Deoxys
(5) Manaphy

(7) Arceus
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, be glad you aren't counting those as yours.
The ones I bolded have a reeeeeally high chance of being hacked, and the Bold, italicized underlined ones are no doubt in my mind hacked from here to timbuktu and back. Arceus, Celebi, Mew and Jirachi are impossible to get legitimately shiny (Unless the mew is japanese and from Hoenn, then there's the slightest sliver, but considering Emerald's near impossibility to SR shinies, I wouldn't get my hopes up.) And since those are hacked, I doubt the rest are very legit. And some slip past pokecheck. I admittedly tested it with a Litwick. But considering The ones I know for a FACT are hacked, I think it'd be safe to assume they all are.
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