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I fixed a lot of your concerns, minus anything doing with the overworld, in the most recent release, actually:

Update up for download, using Dropbox out of request:

-Mainly just move stuff. Finished all the moves!
-a bazillion glitches fixed
-Added evasion checks (not that it mattered before considering no evasion moves were added yet)
-Fixed move calculation
-Weather Effects
-End Turn Effects
-added pretty sound effects
-Status effects
-Physical Descriptions for EVERY POKEMON
-SAPI5 COMPATIBILITY OH MY GOD - Special thanks to my main man Kyle Frownfelter for throwing this together

... damn son you're the best...

What am I looking for with you testers? Well...

Things as testers to look out for:

-If a certain sound is too loud.
-If, when you or an enemy uses a move, the following occurs:
[pokemon name] used [move name]

without any extra words or anything. It means the move nulled out.

-If, when you or an enemy uses a move, the following occurs:
[pokemon name] used null!
It means for whatever reason the blank move null was returned. It's an error checker.
-If the effect seems to work strangely.
-If any error dialogues pop up. They should pop up in the error log file.
-Anything else that pertains to battle that sticks out as unusual.

I will not respond to anything regarding:
-The overworld or its map. While suggestions are appreciated, this part of the game will not be completed for a while, and getting the battles working 100% is of more importance at the moment.
-If all your pokemon faint, there is nothing really coded to fix that. In the actual games you would be sent to the last healing place, but since that hasn't been coded yet nothing really happens. I know of this already so yeah. F3 on the overworld menu heals all your Pokemon though.
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